First Pimpsqueak of the Blade Bunch - Finished Pics

First un is dun! ;-)


- 154CPM two tone blade, handrubbed satin finish/stonewashed
- frame is Carbonfiber on one side with a thin liner, .160 titanium on the lock side, stonewashed, anodizing in slight blue
- special clip, stonewashed , anodizing in slight blue(clip is the whole knife shape in miniature)
- heatcolored hardware and built like a tank with 1/4" pivot and 3/16" stop pin
- Titanium backspacer with two holes and moonglow G10


Bladeshow Pimpsqueaks - WIP Pics

I've 7 Pimpsqueaks in the works. I awaiting some visitors before the show, so i hope some Pimps will make it to Blade! ;-)


Inlay PIMPSQUEAK in the work - WIP Pics

As i mentioned, i will make a few Pimpsqueaks before and for the Bladeshow. On this one i still need to rub the damascus, sharpen the blade and put my logo on it. This new Chad Nichols damascus is nice!! It looks more traditional yet it's stainless and it's BOLD. I forgot to mention, the blade has an old school Curr currvy top swedge. Once the damascus is rubbed, it will be much easier to see! Stay tuuuuuned! ;-)


MINI SKIRMISH - Annoucement

To the Progress of the Mini Skirmish, with 15 days to the show, I had an epiphany. I still have a few Pimpsqueaks to finish. I have Pimpsqueak components ready to build. At this point it would make MUCH more sense for me to build some Pimpsqueaks to bring to Blade instead of trying to finish Mini Skirmish's. I realized I promised to bring a few to the show but I would MUCH rather build the first ones in a more stress free state of mind.

If someone might be interested in a Pimpsqueak let me know. I'll be finishing and needing to move a few between now and the show. I have all sorts of inlays and damascus blades with matching pocket clips. Shoot me a PM in CK&G or an email if interested. I'll be full speed ahead with the Mini Skirms the week after the show!


Parakeeti Fixed Blade - WIP AUCTION Finished Pics

Let the bidding begin! The auction ends 24 hours from the time of this post.

All done. Fun project. Again, this is the LAST custom Parakeeti made from an old D2 blank that's been hanging on my shop wall for years. The tapered tang gives it a light and lively feel in the hand.
It will include an IWB Kydex sheath. I'll post pics of the sheath later this evening or tomorrow morning.
Here's a little bonus........
I've had TONS of correspondence regarding the Mini Skirmish. I REALLY appreciate the enthusiasm an cannot WAIT to start finishing them.
I will give whoever wins this Parakeeti the option to buy one of the first 3 Mini Skirmish's that are marked "prototype". Aproximate cost of the Mini Skirmish proto will be in the $1500 range. To be delivered at or SHORTLY AFTER the Blade Show.

AUCTION here on CK&G!


- 8 1/2" OAL
-  Blade (sharpened) 4 1/7"
- Blade to handle 4 1/3"
- D2 steel
- Carbonfiber with red fiber spacer
- two mosaic pins


Parakeeti Fixed Blade - WIP AUCTION #2 Pics

Here's were it is as of now, Scales are glued! Tomorrow, is the fun part, installing the mosaic pins and shaping the handle. Finished pics............Late morning. I want to have it all done ASAP so the AUCTION can start!


Parakeeti Fixed Blade - WIP AUCTION

I have an old D2 Parakeeti blank that's been hanging on my wall for years. It has a tapered tang and curvy top swedge. I'm going to do the scales in Carbon Fiber with blue spacers, mosaic pins and make a Kydex IWB sheath for it. This will be the LAST custom Parakeeti!

For those not familiar with this model, it's a reverse grip Pikal style fighter.

I'll post some initial pics tomorrow morning and WIP pics as I go...........and hopefully finished pics ASAP after that, at which time I'll start the 24 hour auction countdown. I'm looking forward to making this, it should be a fun weekend!

AUCTION here on CK&G

So....two pics after a little bit progress!


BOKER MINX - Blackwood Design

Hello folks, the Boker Minx is out now! It's from my original Mini Ninja Design!

Here is the link to Boker for all, that are interested! Thanks for looking!



Yep, it's in the work! Stay tuned for the WIP pics!!