Slimline (Tribal) Curr - Mokume Onlay WIP

I've a special Slimline Curr in the work, with a tri colour Mokume from Chad Nichols. First in the picture is the rough material and the second one is the teaser! :-)


Slimline (Tribal) Curr #4 - Finished Pics

Slimline Tribal Curr No.4 .........

-contoured silver twill G10 overlay
-blue anodized frame with reverse bubbles
-silver twill hump backspacer
-window clip blue anodized
-handrubbed 154CPM blade with old school swedge
-heatcoloured hardware

This is the last of the first batch. Stay sharp for the next project! ;-)

Slimline (Tribal) Curr #3 - Finished Pics

Below you can see the Slimline Tribal Curr No.3

-contoured carbonfiber overlay
-grey frame with golden reverse bubbles
-carbonfiber hump backspacer
-window clip in various colors anodized
-handrubbed and short upper swedge grind 154CPM blade
-heatcolored hardware


Slimline (Tribal) Curr #2 - Finished Pics

Below are the pics of the first Tribal Slimline Curr.
It comes with a orange G10 contoured tribal onlay with reverse bubbles on the frame, anodized in blue.
This one features also a new clip design, with windows you can see whats under it.

The blade is a Chad Nichols damascus, the Fireball pattern.
All hardware is heatcolored and the backspacer in orange match the onlay.


Slimline Curr #1 - Finished Pics

Here's the first one i got done.
It's a Skeletonized one with high hollow ground 154 CPM blade,
small top swedge an and handrubbed finish. It comes also with
a moonglow backspacer and a new clip design.

The Curr frame actually has a "burst" finish similar (but more subdued) to what's on the clip but it's not showing up in the photos. I'll try do some better pics later.


Slimline Curr Run WIP - Blades basic grind

Below are some stopover pics from the current Slimline Curr run.
As you can see, i did the basic grind on the blades. They need to get the final touch and sharpness.
The silver G10 and CF onlays have not been contoured yet! When finished they are thinner. More pics to follow!


Slimline Curr Run WIP - Progress and Gothic clip

I designed new pocket clips for this slimeline run. They will sit up on two angle mounted standoffs. The gothic logo on the blades has always been popular, I'm hoping the goth theme works on the pocket clip. I think it works with the tribal onlay's and should look fine on the skeletonized versions.

I also redesigned my lockbar relief. It works really nice and will be perfectly consistent from knife to knife. It's on the inside just like i always make them.

I have LOTS of Currs ready to finish. More pics ad updates to follow!!!


Jacked Legged Dog - Mammoth Inlay

I finished today a J.L.D. Slipjoint with a deep etched Todd Fischer damascus blade. For the inlay i choose some wonderful mammoth ivory.

The next one will be with stainless steel and nickel silver frames and pins. Just got some cool inlay materials from MaseCraft as well.

Thanks for looking!


Slimline Curr Run WIP - Tribal Curr

Following pics of unfinished Tribal Currs. This is an option for a onlay on Slimline Currs.
In addition to the holes in the onlay and frames, i'm going to ad some "reverse bubbles" around the onlay where through holes aren't possible.

Due to the shape of the onlay, i'd prefer to use G10 in various colors or carbonfiber only.

The CF on this one hasn't been contoured yet so it looks flat without any structur.

Slimline Curr Run WIP - Triangle Curr

Here some progress on the 09' Slimline Currs. Here we have the "Triangles Curr". My thoughts on this was to do something besides holes for a skeletonized frame. I'll do something on the insides of the frames that's visible through the triangles.
There will be Currs finished with the bare skeletonized frame, or as the usual option i can always do the round holes.


2nd BB Rockstar finished - 24h auction on CK&G

I got the 2nd Burke / Blackwood Rockstar done. As you can see in a wonderful blue color anodized. The frame is also orange peeled and the milling pops in gold color.
Hardware is also heatcolored goldbrown like on the 1st one.

This one is in an 24h auction on CK&G. This auction is open to CK&G members OUTSIDE the 50 states of the USA ONLY. The makers in the CK&G are all blessed with an incredible international following and it is much appreciated.

Pls notice that these be only 2 of a kind! :-)