Henchman Fixed Blade - Last for the Year ;-)

The last knives of the year 2012!

One of those two have a very sharp chisel ground!

Ya'll have a safe in 2013!



I wish all my customers and friends a Merry Christmas and happy holidays in great company! Hope you all will get safe into the New Year!

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New Mulligan - Finished Pics - SOLD

This is a Mini Skirmish "Mulligan" Some might remember the full size Skirmish Mulligan i made a few years ago. Basically they are made from a blade that ended up too short. What I do is shorten it even more and cut the back of the frame to compensate.

So....i made up another one! The blade for this one has been laying around the workbench forever. I didn't think it was usable until i started playing with the parts. It has a really deep hollow grinds, that's how it got messed up originally at the tip. At this length the tip is very strong and plenty thick.

SOLD!!!!!, please shoot me an email----------> under contacts!


TI Henchman Letter Openers - SOLD

These 3 are ready to go! SOLD each. The handles on the blue ones are blue moonglow They will shave arm hair!! For questions drop me an email, under contact! --------->


Henchman Fixed Blade Ivory - Finished Pics

Satin handrubbed finish with some Ivory!


Henchman Fixed Blade Spalted Maple - Finished Pics

I had a request for some premium "tree". This is my best stuff.


Henchman Fixed Blades NEW STYLE - WIP and Finished Pics

The specs are 9 1/4" OAL, Blade 4", .200 thick. The steel is thick but this isn't a prybar. There is lots of material removed from what I call an "I Beam" tang and the hollow ground blade. It's very fast in the hand and balances perfectly. The integral guard and finger grooves provide plenty of retention and are intended to be used in a gloved hand. Something that many, so called tactical knives fail to take into consideration. The integral guard and grip serrations provide plenty of retention. I have big hands that make the knife look small.

These will come with a Kydex IWB sheath. That's what everyone wanted with the old ones.


TI Henchman Letter Openers - Finished Pics

These are made from .080 Ti. They are based on the profile of the latest variation of my Henchman Fixed Blade. The pics don't do them justice. The blue one has celluloid onlays, the stonewashed one has green canvas micarta with black/blue spacers. Like the old ones, these are chisel ground and very sharp. I made quite a few blanks so shoot me an email (under contact on the right side----->) if interested.


Coyote G10 / GCM Inlay Mini Skirmish - Finished Pics

Mini Skirm with a coyote G10 scale and a green canvas micarta inlay. Some mosaic pin goodies


OLD SCHOOL Hunter Fixed Blade - Finished Pics

Hey folks, its done! It relaxing for me to make it like the old ones. :-)


OLD SCHOOL Hunter Fixed Blade - WIP Pics

I decided to make a fixed blade from my old Small Hunter Pattern. I had a few sizes, this was the middle size. I also prepped it all old school too, sparks flying, smoke from the drill press, and burnt fingers profliling it. Of course the tang is tapered. Going with old school paper Micarta and red spacers.
Next is, heat treat and assembly.


Henchman Flipper LSCF Inlay - Finished Pics

Some more pics of the pumpkin carver from yesterday. Some green canvas micarta with a LSCF inlay. I like to look, hope you guys too! :-)