BB Custom Rockstars - Finished pics

Some details on the Rockstars have changed slightly since the in process photos. Here are some photos showing both knives finished.
The frames are reanodized, blades are sharpened and the hardware is heatcolored brown.

The green one is for auction now on GK&G.


BB Custom Rockstar WIP frames

A got a little progress done on the Burke / Blackwood Rockstars!

I milled a tribal into the frame, did a orange peel finish and
anodized them in different colors!
These are almost finished now, just some fine work to do and sharpening.
Watch out for the auction on CK&G!

Burke / Blackwood Custom Rockstars WIP

From time to time my buddy Jim Burke from Burkeknives and i doing some collaborations together. We trade several knife parts from our current models among each other to have some fun and making some special wild knives.
This time i got two midtech models from Jim, named Rockstar.

The shape of these Rockstars will not be changed but i made a special grind on them. I always liked the Loveless knives with that style grind. It keeps the blade strong near the guard or pivot yet it's thin and useable at the belly. I've just been calling it a compound grind.

What's up with the frame....i'm still thinking about this! ;-) The plan is, to have these in a auction on CK&G soon!


Slimline Curr Run - WIP progress

I'm making good progress now, so here we have the Slimline frames milled. I haven't done anything as far as the handle treatment on them or the lock slot, as i still have to finalize the design.

This photo show the thumb grip serrations being milled. The thumb ramp on the Curr blade is curved, so each groove must be milled in at a slightly different depth, hence the dial indicator.

Here's the Curr blades ready for heat treat. Thumb serrations applied, pivot hole opened up and reamed to .250 and hold down hole ground off.

Next will be the finalized onlay, frame holes, etc., backspacers and lathe parts. Stay tuned!


Slimline Curr Run WIP

I'm still cutting up materials. As I mentioned before, this group of Currs will be the "slimline" style, .125 frames, bevelled, not contoured. My plans for the frames are to do a new style, thin onlay and a skeletonized version with no handle material. I'm aiming towards more base model with these but I do have some Nichols damascus for more upscaled ones. The CPM 154 blades will be hand rubbed, stonewashed or two tone.

This is the new onlay for the Slimline Curr's i'm strongly considering. The frame will have holes under the onlay to give it a 3D look as well as reducing weight. I'll probably stick with G10's or CF for structural integrity on these, no wood.


J.L.D. Prototype #3 with damascus blade!!!

Thats the 3rd prototype of the Jacked Legged Dog i finished now. This one features a titanium frame, stainless steel pins, and a awesome carbon damascus by Chad Nichols from MS! The damascus pattern is a turkish one, named "Windfall". The inlay is some kind of stabilized burlwood!
Stay sharp for the next one!


J.L.D. Prototype #2 - Rag Micarta

This is the second "Jacked Legged Dog" prototype I finished. It features a hand rubbed Stellite blade, Ti. frame and rag Micarta inlays. The inside of the frame is anodized green. The spring is also made of Ti. The frame has a light orange peel finish around the edge and bevels with a satin finish on the flats. It has a half stop and walks and talks with authority! ;-)
I've two more J.L.D.'s in the work, then i need to go on and finish the last Curr deliveries i started in the end of 2008.


J.L.D. Prototype #1 finished

The #1 prototype of the Jacked Legged Dog slipjoint is finished. I'm very happy with it, other than needing some minor design changes just to make the look perfectly. Blade steel and spring on this one are 01. The inlay is some unknown cool stabilized wood.
I'm also going with a more traditional nail nick on the next ones. My intention was to have the nick large enough to open one handed. With the spring set to "snap" the blade into the 3 positions, it just cannot be overcome with thumb pressure.

The hardest part is pinning them together. It would be so much easier to do screw assembly. I'm going to make some special pins for the next ones that only require peining on one side. Hopefully that will make the process a bit easier. I really don't want to use screws!


J.L.D. - WIP Inlays

New progress on the Jacked Legged Dog. I got some inlays ready. I made some out of stabilized wood.
The slipjoint build is a new fun challenge for me. I hope to finish these soon! So wait for the next pictures!


Slipjoint W.I.P. - The Jacked Legged Dog


My first project this year is going more in the old school style. I'm going to make a slipjoint, called the Jacked Legged Dog!
As usual, the in process prototype knife looks pretty rough I'm confident that the first one will finish up nicely. The frame is 2024 aluminum, the blade and spring are 01. Pins, no screws. The blade will have a top swedge and nail nick.
I'll be making some 416 and nickel silver frames as well along with some damascus blades. I have inlays worked out as well.
Stay tuned for more pics!