Henchman and Wise Guy available

I have two fixed knives for sale a Henchman in S30V two tone and a Burke/Blackwood collaboration "Wise Guy" in 154CPM riverwashed.

Specs for the Henchman pls look here

Specs for the BB "Wise Guy" pls here

Both are available at CK&G


1st Carbonfiber Pimpsqueak - Finished Pics

The 1st CF Pimpsqueak is done!!!


- 154CPM two tone blade, handrubbed satin finish/stonewashed
- frame is Carbonfiber with a Mosaic pin on one side with a thin liner, .160 titanium on the lock side, stonewashed, anodizing in blue
- special clip, stonewashed , anodizing in blue(clip is the whole knife shape in miniature)
- heatcolored hardware except the pivot and built like a tank with 1/4" pivot and 3/16" stop pin
- Carbonfiber backspacer


Carbonfiber Pimpsqueak - WIP 2nd Pics

It still needs to be anodized and sharpened.  Finished soon ;-)


Carbonfiber Pimpsqueak - WIP Pics

This is one of the first two CF Pimpsqueaks. There's a mosiac pin in the CF but it's hard to see in the photo. Also, the first nail nick blade is ready to go!


Henchman - 2nd WIP Pics

First i wanted to build the Henchman without tapered tang and screwed in handles. But after looking at a mock up, i decided to build all of them with handles, old school, pin and glue construction. It just didn't look right with the full thickness tang.
The best thing is, i've found a possiblilty to mill the tapered tang. So stay tuned for the nexts pics!

BTW, this in the middle is the first damascus Henchman i ever made! :-)


Orange, Green and Blue - 3 Pimpsqueaks ready to go

3 base material Pimpsqueaks in orange G10, green canvas micarta and Blue G10.

Specs as usual:
- 154CPM steel for the blade, 2 in two tone
- frame made of Ti, blasted, stonewashed, anodizing
- special clip, stonewashed (clip is the whole knife shape in miniature)
- the whole hardware is built like a tank with 1/4" pivot and 3/16" stop pin
- closed 3 5/8"
- open 6 1/4"
- Blade 2 5/8" (from the frame to the tip)


Skeleton Henchman in Two Tone - Finished Pics

Another Skeleton Henchman with a two tone finish!


- stock thickness of .170
- 9 1/4" OAL
- Blade 4"
- Blade to guard 4 1/2"
- S30V steel, two tone
- Kydex sheath


Skeleton Henchman - Finished Pics

This one is cryo tempered S30V with a stock thickness of .170, just under 3/16". The entire knife has a very durable etched "riverwash" finish. It has the "old school" Henchman deep hollow grind, thin edge with a nicely reinforced (thicker) tip. As with all Henchman, it balances right at the first finger notch. The edge is razor sharp as is the point;-)

The knife comes with a "Blackwood shop" made kydex sheath. Like the knife, i made the sheath "Henchman old school", IWB with a belt loop. It's excellent for deep concealment. The top of the sheath is shaped to easily ease the knife out using your thumb.


- 9 1/4" OAL
- Blade (sharpened) 4"
- Blade to guard 4 1/2"
- S30V steel, riverwashed
- Kydex sheath

Available at CK&G

Henchman - WIP Pics

Two Henchman blades prepped for finishing! One in stainless damascus and the other with the old school hollow grind in S30V.


HENCHMAN Letter Opener in Titanium

Here is the first knife in 2010. From my Henchman pattern a  Letter Opener in Ti.

While I was prepping some Henchman blanks I thought I'd buzz one of these out. .100 thick. The edge has been tripple flame hardened so it should hold up well for opening letters. It's RAZOR sharp!!!

Purchase one on CK&G