The Bruiser "Flatliner" Chisel Grind with Hamon - FINISHED PICS

These are the final finsihed pics of the Flatliner Proto.

The Bruiser "Flatliner" Chrisel Grind with Hamon - WIP Pics #4

The specs once again...... The blade is 3 1/2" from the tip to the top point on the frame. Several people thought it was as big as my Skirmish but nooooo.... 1/8th thick Ti frame, 1/4" pivot pin and stop pin, 8-32 frame screws, teflon bushings. It's overbuilt but very easy to carry! ;-)




Melee is for sale. Better pics added. 10 1/2 OAL, 5" blade. .145 thick steel. Afzalia wood with colored spacers. This would has a very fiberous nature to it, its VERY Tough. It has a nice finished texture as well. I made the low ride kydex rig, cuz i hate TekLocs  - $475.
If interested pls mail me under contact on the right side -------------------> 



Melee Fixed Blade - SOLD!

This Melee made of Afzalia wood and Chad Nichols damascus!



Ti lanyard beads. 1" x 1/4" .193 hole. $55 shipped. I have heat colored ones also.

Email me for info ------------>under contact!



THE FLATLINER Bruiser Chisel Grind - WIP Pics #3

Some progress on the frame with the continued flatline and the Blackwood letters....


THE FLATLINER Bruiser Chisel Grind - WIP Pics #2

Blade with flatliner groove, made of 1095 with Hamon!


Full Size Skirmish with CF Scales - WIP Pics

A full size Skirmish......very rare for the next time!

THE FLATLINER Bruiser Chisel Grind - WIP Pics

The grooved line will continue across the frame! :-)


Mini Skirmish with LSCF Scales - WIP Pics

A new Mini Skirmish with Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber scales on the bench!


Pimpsqueak with Ivory Inlays - WIP Pics #2

Mocked up. Ready for final assembly. Everything works.

Pimpsqueak with Ivory Inlay - WIP Pics

The first knife in 2014, Ivory Inlay damascus blade, very classy! ;-)

If you don't see the knife your are waiting for, please hang on, you will see it soon!! The deck is clear, nothing holding me back. Full speed ahead on the backlog. Please contact me if you have any questions.




Looking forward to a much better 2014!! As many of you know, I've got myself in over my head with a backlog again. It's not NEARLY as bad as the last time and I'm going to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. Over the past month, I've made a pretty good dent in it. January is going to be full force on getting caught up. I'm going to do my best to keep my promise but on a few high end builds, I'm best off issuing refunds. Again, my MOUTH agreed to builds that my cant cash right now and I'm very sorry for that. I get just as enthusiastic about these builds as you guys do and I guess I just tend to over promise. In order to get this situation wrapped up by the end of January, I may be posting some knives that have been cancelled and available. I might also offer "openings in my book" as I issue refunds on cancellations. My main goal is to settle up with everyone ASAP no matter what it takes. It might not be pretty but it's going to happen so I can get back to a normal schedule. I need to get back to building what I want and allow myself some design and creative time. That's when my knives are at the highest level and that's when I enjoy knifemaking the most. The last thing I want to do is turn friends and customers into enemies and whenever I find myself juggling a backlog, that's what seems to happen First up is a Bruiser, if anyone might be interested, please contact me. If you are waiting on a knife, I'm on it, I'm not going anywhere and if you have any concern please Email me at nblackwood4(AT) I will be glad to let you know the status and anything else I can provide. Have a safe and Happy New Years. I'll reply to all inquiries on the 2nd.