Mini Skirmish Blades - WIP Pics

Some grinds of new Mini Skimish blades.....


Mini Skirmish Slimline - Video from Customer

The next video from a customer from my Mini Skirmish Slimline model.

Thanks Brain Dunn! :-)


Aequitas Veritas Lanyard Beads - Finished Pics

These are the Aequitas Veritas lanyard beads. 1 inch long, made from commercially pure Titanium, and heat anodized.  $45 each


Bruiser Blade with Hamon and Compound Grind - WIP Pics

A Bruiser blade out of 1095 Steel with a hamon and a both side compound grind.

Full Size Skirmish - Video from Customer

Here is a video from one of my customers of the old full size Skirmish with the windcross design!
Thanks Ernie!!! :-)


Henchman with Hamon ONE OF A KIND - Finished Pics

This is not a standard Henchman, it was hand drawn with a sharpie to fill out the 1 1/4" X .150 material I used. 11" overall with a 5 3/4" blade. Compared to a standard Henchman handle, this one is a bit longer, wider top to bottom and little more flair at the but. Feels great in the hand and balances right at the finger notch for a very lively feel. The steel is 1095, triple cycled and clay hardened. The grain structure in the softer area of the blade is very visible, the hard area, shiny. The handle is some strange black G10 with very slight green layers. It's hard to see in person but it shows up in the photos....... Stainless pins and mosaic pins and red spacers round out the handle treatment! It get's a Holstex IWB sheath with single belt loop


Mini Skirmish Blades - WIP PICS

Part of the delay on the Mini Skirms was getting my old grinder back up and running. I do ALL of my main grinds freehand but use a block grinder for the top edges and swedges. For the past year or so, I had to do the top grinds by hand as well. I could do it but having the block system back online allows me to go a bit crazier. Couldn't be happier right now with the grinds overall. This is the first without a THUMBHOLE! ;-)

Bolstered Mini Skirmish with Ivory - Review by Jim Skelton

A review of my bolstered Mini Skirmish model, thanks Jim!!!!