WIP - Ironwood Curr

The knife isn't anodized so far, but the Ironwood Curr will getting a two tone stonewash on both frames and the clip, screws and fittings will be heat colored brown.

WIP - Koabolo Curr

These are just the pics of the assembled Curr to check the function and doing the end finish. Note that the knife isn't anodized. Please check back later for the finished pics.

WIP - Year End Currs

As i announced, here is the last run of Currs for this year.

The Koabolo Curr and the One Sided Ironwood. Both feature rather unique carbon damascus.


I wish all my customers and friends a Merry Christmas and happy holidays in great company! Hope you all will get safe into the New Year!


Year End Skirmish #4 (Rag Micarta inlays)

On this Skirmish i decided me to rag micarta for all inlays. The blade is made of Chad Nichols damascus, the mega pixel pattern. I removed some blade material on the top edge, it gives the blade a new touch. The new custom pocket clip gives a view on the inlays from the back side.

Fun Year End Skirmish #3 (Carbon inlays)

On this Skirmish, I changed some profiles, removed some material and had some fun. The top of the blade will get a deep hollow grind with a false edge.

The inlays are made of carbonfiber with a center out of black mothers of pearl and a Chad Nichols damascus blade.

Year End Skirmish #2 (Mammoth Ivory)

Here is a Skirmish with mammoth ivory inlays and mokume in the middle.
Also it features the new pocket clip design and Chad Nichols damascus


Year End Skirmishs (Snakewood)

The year end is near and i have 4 of these to finish, then it's on to another run of Currs. Stay tuned for more info on the next run of Currs in a few days.

These are some Skirms with new extras on it. This is the first of the 4 with a new inlay pattern, new pocket clip design, etc. It features a Chad Nichols SS damascus, snakewood, and some unknown mosaic damascus.